The Amulet

In a dark corner of a library in the museum, a slight yellow glow blossoms and brightens into a light powerful enough to see the dust resting on the tops of the books. A young girl tip toes carefully over to the light holding her breath, and taps the book lightly while suddenly recoiling as if she feared waking a little dragon. The light dims and withers away as slowly as it appeared. She slowly extends her hand, gets a couple of fingers on the book, and pulls it slightly. It’s not stuck, and so she continues to pull the book from the shelf. Inside the book is metal amulet in the shape of two fish laying flat and facing each other head to toe. It’s rough metal, but warm to the touch. She glances back over her shoulder to the door, and then out of the opening in the wall, and over the desert to the great pyramid. She scans the available view but sees no-one. She turns back to the empty space, slips the amulet into her pocket, refills the space with the book, glances around one more time, and hurries cautiously out of the library.

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